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Catering for christenings

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For the little stars of the show we like to create a party in the magical world of fantasy and creation.

We bring a wealth of experience in high-quality food, excellent service with up-to-date equipment to satisfy both the young and the older ones.

We have created comprehensive catering services of the highest standards in taste and style designed specifically for christenings and children’s parties.

Our specially-trained staff, expert chefs, excellent quality standards and constancy, can guarantee for you the complete success of your event, exactly like you dreamt it!

Select the place for your event from one of our associate venues in Athens or Thessaloniki (see event venues).

There is also the possibility of holding your event in the churchyard or your house and trust us to prepare the most heavenly menu.

This journey into the world of fine taste is realized with the help of the famous chef Aris Tsanaklidis, who selects recipes from around the world to enrich the menu you have chosen even further.

Make an appointment with our events manager and come along to have a taste at one of our events. Select from a buffet or table -service menu, according to your desire. Together we’ll choose the colours and the favourite dishes of our little friends as well as the theme of the party, the table and buffet decorations, while our chefs will be creating magical meals served up in a dreamy way just like in fairytales.

Select Authentic Catering and create this dreamy party one that will completely satisfy you and your guests!